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valentine week list 2021 Date Schedule Rose Day Propose Day Chocolate Day Hug Day Full List

valentine week list 2021 Date Schedule Rose Day Propose Day Chocolate Day Hug Day Full List

Valentines Day is celebrated all over the world on  14 February every year. Valentines Day is celebrated by everyone who are in Love. This day is celebrated mainly among the youngsters with great joy, excitement and enthusiasm. Valentine's Week 2021  begins from 7 Feb to 21 Feb days list 2021. Every day of  Valentines Week is celebrated in a special way representing a special event to be celebrated to make the Valentine Week  special in every possible way. All those who are in love wait for this day to impress their loved ones and make them feel special. 

Valentine week list 2021

First day of valentines week:    Rose day     |  7th Feb 2021

Second day of valentines week:  Propose day  |  8th Feb 2021

Third day of valentines week:  Chocolate day | 9th Feb 2021

Fourth day of valentines week:   Teddy day    | 10th Feb 2021

Fifth day of valentines week:  Promise day   | 11th Feb 2021

Sixth day of valentines week:   Hug day     |  12th Feb 2021

Seventh day of valentines week:   Kiss day    | 13th Feb 2021

 Final day of valentines week: Valentines day | 14th Feb 2021

Valentine Week 2019

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Rose Day 2021

rose day 2019

happy rose day 2021

The rose day is the first day of valentines week. Rose day is celebrated by offering roses to one another. The ones who are in love offer red rose to their loved ones. It's not that this day is meant only for lovers. This day is meant among friends too. The only difference lies here is with the color of the rose. It falls on 7th Feb and on 2021 is falling on it is on Thursday.

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number of roses meaning

number of roses meaning

Propose Day 2021

propose day 2019

happy propose day 2021

The Propose day is the second day of valentines week. Propose day is celebrated by the young couples by proposing their loved ones. They stand on their knees and organize a beautiful and romantic environment and proposes their loved ones. There is no predefined way to propose your loved one. If your love for someone is true then you know exactly what could make them feel happy and special. Nothing is more important than a truly loving heart, isn't it?

Stand on your knees, hold your loved one's hand, just tell everything that what you feel for them. Let them know what you really feel about them. But if you really need some ideas how to propose them than here are some of the ways:
  • Buy a beautiful card, which has something written that exactly matches with your feelings.
  • Get some flowers, some red ones would be a great choice.
  • Search for a place where you could get some privacy, an open space would be good.
  • Getting a proposal in the crowd, in front of everyone, isn't everyone's desire. But if your guy or girl ever shared such a desire with you, or if you are pretty sure that proposing in front of everyone will make your girl or guy happy then go ahead.
  • Call your loved one on your chosen place as if its an emergency or any work.
  • When your loved one will arrive, play a beautiful romantic music.
  • Then straightaway go in front of them.
  • Gently hold their hand.
  • Look into their eyes.
  • Kneel down.
  •  Then that's the moment. Slowly, gently, sweetly tell them everything that you feel about them.
  • Tell them when it all started.
  • Tell them why you love them.
  • Tell them what their best part.
  • Tell them all that you love about them.
  • Then say "I Love You".
Propose day is celebrated on 8th February and on 2021 it is falling on Friday. 

Chocolate Day 2021

chocolate day 2019
happy chocolate day 2021

The Chocolate day is the third day of valentines week. On Chocolate day people offer chocolates to their loved ones. Everyone has some different tastes when it comes to choice of chocolates. So never forget that when you are giving chocolate to your loved ones it's better to give them that chocolate that they like. By the way, if by chance you couldn't express your feelings to the fullest on propose day, then the chocolate day is the best day to do so.
Everyone loves chocolate, offer them their favorite pack of chocolate and make them happy.
The Chocolate day of valentine week is celebrated on 9th February and it is falling on Saturday of 2021. 

Teddy Day 2021

teddy day 2019
happy teddy day 2021

The Teddy day is the fourth day of valentines week. On Teddy day the guys gift their girls a cute teddy. Girls love these stuff toys very much. So after some sweetness of chocolate, gifting a teddy will make your girl even happier. 
The Teddy day is celebrated on 10th February and it is falling on Sunday in 2021

Promise Day 2021

promise day 2019
happy promise day 2021

The Promise day is the fifth day of valentines week. On Promise day is  the loved ones makes promises to each other. They makes promises for their relationships and try hard stand on their promises no matter what happen. That is the best and sweetest part of a relationship. That's the moment when the loved ones start trusting each other and start relying on each other. They promise each other for complete commitment. They promise to stay by each others side no matter how worse the situation is. 

Making promises are easy but keeping those promises is difficult. A true relationship is when both of them keep their promises until the end, and make every possible effort to complete their promise. A successful relationship is that people never give up on their partner and tries to solve things out, but the effort should be from both the side.
The promise day falls on 11th of February and it is falling on Monday in 2021

Hug Day 2021

hug day 2019

The Hug day is the sixth day of valentines week. On Hug day  the couples hug each other. They comfort themselves on each others arm. The warmth and comfort that they feel at that special moment is priceless. They wrap each other so tight as if its the most important moment of their life and they really don't what each other to leave. 
Hugging one another gives comfort, it increases love. Its not only about hug day. Whenever your loved ones are sad, just hold them and give them a tight hug. It will surely make them feel better. Hug gives a feeling that you are not alone. It tells that I'm there with you. It shows concern. It shows that, no matter how hard the situation is, 'you'll always have my back'. 
The hug day falls on 12th of February and it is falling on Tuesday in 2021

Kiss Day 2021

happy kiss day 2019

happy kiss day 2021

The Kiss day is the seventh day of valentines week which falls just a day before valentines day. On kiss day the couples kiss each other. That day becomes the most memorable day for them. They never forget that particular day. Kissing is the sweetest gesture to express love.
Kissing your loved ones gives amazing pleasant feeling. This is special so make this day even more special for your loved ones.
The kiss day falls on 13th of February and it is falling on Wednesday in 2021

Valentines Day 2021

happy valentines day 2019

happy valentines day 2021

The last and final day of the Valentines week is Valentines Day. It is the day for which every loving couples are eagerly waiting. Couples go on date, hangout, spends time with each other and tries every possible way to make the day special and memorable.
They give gifts to each other, make love and many more.

There is no purest feeling than love. Never play with it. Love from pure heart. Learn commitment, gain trust, express your love. Never cheat, Never play with anyone's feeling, Never take anyone for granted.
There are many people who have started hating love because of some wrong people they met. If you fall in love with anyone like that, then give them their time, gain their trust, allow them to gain trust in love, make them understand that everyone's  not the same. Once you succeed in gaining their trust in you, then make sure that you don't break their heart. Don't judge them over everything, try to understand them because only that will give success to your love.

'Valentines day' is an extremely special day for those in love. If the one you proposed accepts your proposal then it becomes the most special day for you. It fills your heart with joy and happiness. Then once you are in a relationship if something goes wrong then remember this day when you were so happy. Every relation has ups and downs, fights, tears, happiness, sadness, excitement, depressions. But still never give up. Always try your best to sought things out. It will always help your relationship to get stronger.
If unfortunately, you face rejection in your proposal, then don't get upset. Everyone has their own freedom of choice. You can't force your love to someone. You have to wait for them to accept your proposal, but they don't accept it then just let it go. Love can't be gained forcefully, that kind of relationship will never have any kind of life.

Complete list of Valentine Week days 2021

7th Feb 2021
 Rose day
8th Feb 2021
 Propose day
9th Feb 2021
 Chocolate day
10th Feb 2021
 Teddy day
11th Feb 2021
 Promise day
12th Feb 2021
 Hug day
13th Feb 2021
 Kiss day
14th Feb 2021
 Valentine’s day
 15th Feb 2021
Slap Day
16th Feb 2021
Kick Day
17th Feb 2021
Perfume Day
18th Feb 2021
Flirting Day
19th Feb 2021
Confession Day
20th Feb 2021
Missing Day
21st Feb 2021
Break-up Day

Rose Day 2021